Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Sales !!

Does anyone else go to them? Our town does a town wide one twice a year. Yesterday was our Spring one, and we'll expect another for fall season in October. We didn't buy a whole lot, but I was quiet happy with what we found! We got a dog cage thing that goes at the back of the van to keep the dog in the back and not jumping around on to the kids. It stays in all the time so that makes it easy. We got a bag of girly cloths for baby. I was surprised with how little was out there this year. Everyone must have had boys last summer lol. And I got 12 books. With being off work those should keep me going for a while. Especially since I just had a friend send me 3 new books and I just purchased a few new books. Plus the library gets a new stock in soon. I for see a lot of reading in my future - which is good as it will keep me on my butt relaxing and hopefully keeping baby inside!

So do you go to yard sales? Why or why not? What has been your best find?

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