Friday, August 16, 2013

building takes time...time takes....

Oh darn what is that called again? Oh right...patience.... patience is one thing I can have lots of for certain things and little for others. Work is continuing on the new site and I hope its ready to launch soon. I've been in contact with new companies and working on setting up reviews for when we launch also! In the mean time I'm going to keep posting here. I have the patience to build and work my way through that. I, however, do not have the patience to wait to begin writing again. So the question now comes to you the reader. Would you prefer to see me continue to write here while we wait for the other site to get ready, or should I keep writing but save it all so we have a bunch ready at launch time? I'm looking forward to hear what everyone feels will work best!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Starting of fresh

With the idea of wanting to start over again, I have decided it would be good to start fresh again also! Please watch in the coming days for a new site to be launched!! Excited to have everyone follow and let me know what they think!