Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pick a room - mudroom/entry way

I've decided that every few days I'll pick a room and write about must have products for that room. I ask that you comment with what your 'must haves' (or suggestions) are as well! 

Today I have picked the mudroom (if you have one - I do not) or entry way. I will admit I need help here. Currently you walk into an entry hall. The closet it off to the side. The kids dump their shoes/jackets/backpacks and walk away. They can't reach the closet as it's 'adult size', so they don't bother with any of it. And currently it is storing some extra boxes so you can't even kick off your shoes into it. First off I need to clean it out. I've been eying up something like these 

and having three across the bottom for the kids to kick in their shoes/boots and then set their back packs on top. I could maybe even hang some lower hangers above the cages so they can hang their jackets. This way everything gets moved into the closet instead of a heap at the door. My must have product for this area is our rug. Its nothing fancy at all just something that you can wipe your feet on as you walk in. But after numerous slides through the hallway due to wet shoes - it is a must have. Plus you don't notice how dirty it is compared to a floor lol. 

Ok your turn - what are your must have's, wants or suggestions?

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