Friday, May 27, 2011

I don't get it

It is 12:30am and here I am wide awake. I don't get it. BF is asleep as is the dog, cat, and all kittens - even baby is asleep (or not moving around anyways) and here I am WIDE AWAKE lol. Oh well it's always good to enjoy some quiet time to yourself I guess.

I'm looking forward to what is sure to be a busy weekend. There is nothing planned but I get my boys tomorrow until Monday morning. I'm excited to have them here and I'm sure they will keep me on my toes. Having three toddler boys in the house, how can things not be busy and interesting?

Had my doctor appointment on Wednesday and all is looking good with baby! We have 11 weeks until due date now but I have broken that into smaller 'goal dates' as 11 weeks seems like a scary number. There is 3 weeks until I can deliver at my hospital of choice (yes having all three boys come early makes a person think of this). And 8 weeks until 'goal date'. Again having three boys come early you pick a reasonable goal date where you are then happy to have made it that far. As long as baby is born healthy, I will be happy! Although the longer she chooses to stay and cook the better. I'm sure I'll change my tune come early August though lol.

Just a reminder that I have the Soap Nuts giveaway ending on Monday! Please pass it on to everyone who might be interested!

I have two different styles of cloth wipes that will get put to the test over the weekend with reviews to be posted on them next week. And I have been contacted by a few other companies to do different reviews so I am excited to see them come in the mail so I can post about them as well.

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