Thursday, May 12, 2011

Good Mail Day!!

Yesterday was a very good mail day!! I ment to post about it last night but didn't quiet make it there due to an emergency door fix that required to be done at mom's house. But now here door is fixed and I can post about mail lol. I got two packages of things to sample and review.

The first was a trial bag of Soap Nuts from The Spotted Owl. They are in my washing machine as we speak working on load #2. There will be a review to come but I am going to wait until I get a chance to use them a bit more first.

The second package was two different sized wipes from Comfybuns Customs. First thought is they look like I am going to love them!! They are in line to be washed then I will make sure to put them to use and make a review for them as well. I'm not sure about others but I always wash things when I get them. Weather it is sent by someone or I buy it myself from a store.

I know there are other things coming that I am excited to post about and review. As well I have more around the house that we've been using that I would like to review as well. If there is anything out there you would like me to try - just let me know!

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