Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow!!

For those of you who have been following along on the pregnancy, you'll know tomorrow is a big day for us!! We go for our 3d ultrasound in the evening. If baby co-operates, we fully anticipate to find out gender! I will make sure to post an update on here as soon as we can. And plan is tomorrow morning to post a belly pic so you can post your own predictions.

I have reached 26 weeks finally! It may not seem like a big milestone to some - but due to complicated pregnancies it marks a milestone for us. 26 weeks is when we are finally able to deliver in our own province. No having to worry about being flown many hours away should baby come early. As much as indigestion is no fun, I want baby to stay put. I would love to have a full term healthy baby that I could take home with me. My first two were born at 32 weeks and were born at a large center 2.5 hours from home. They spent 5 weeks in the hospital and shortly after being released they caught RSV which caused them to be re-admitted. My third (and current youngest) was born at 37 weeks - at a non-delivery hospital - but right across the street from where we were living at that time. Although 37 weeks is 'technically' full term, he did have low blood sugar and then jaundice which caused him to be transported 1 hour to the nearest NICU where he stayed for a week. Unfortunately due to having 10 month old twins at home, I couldn't stay with him for the last four days. My final goal is to make it full term with a healthy baby which I bring home with me. In the mean time it's all small steps. We've made it so we can deliver in the step is at 32 weeks we can deliver at the hospital of our choice. That means 6 weeks to that goal. Now hopefully baby agrees to wait out the next 14 weeks without complaint!

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Christine said...

Waiting patiently for results! chop chop! Ok, not so patiently so hurry up already!