Sunday, December 4, 2011

Newborn Diaper Rental Kit

Shortly after finding out we were expecting, BF and I decided we wanted to try cloth diapering. I spend A LOT of time researching and deciding on what kind I wanted to try and what I felt would work (or wouldn't work for us). During one of my many days researching I stumbled upon a post from Earth Crunchy Mama stating she had 'Newborn Rental Kit' and she wanted to test it out with a few moms. This sounded great to me. It would give me the option to try a few different brands of diapers without making a huge commitment. I immediately sent Jenn at Earth Crunchy Mama an email to get more information. We spent a couple days sending emails back and forth trying to figure out what the best way to set up the package would be. As I had never cloth diapered before I had a LOT of questions. We set up my kit to include: 

1 wet bag
1 pail liner
1 bag of RnG detergent
1 package of cloth wipes
fleece liners
and an assortment of diapers including GroVia, bumGenius, FuzziBuns, prefolds and Thirsty covers

I paid a deposit of $125 to start this and the package was set to be shipped two weeks before my due date. I had been in touch with them and had an agreement that if lil miss came early we would get the package sent earlier. I used the package for 2 months and it had a rental fee of $15.00/month. When I was ready to return my package I sent them an email and they got me all set up to send my stuff back and let me know what was left over from my deposit (deposit subtract monthly rental fee subtract any extras I chose to keep) so that I could use for in store credit. In my case I feel in love with some diapers and we are considering having another so we chose to keep a couple of the favorites for the next baby.

I am VERY happy with this program and would recommend it to anyone. I have already decided that when the time comes for another one, we will be doing this program again. I loved that Jenn was able to answer my questions and never seemed annoyed, even after my millionth email lol. There were a few small snags through out the program as I was their first Canadian to try this program. But this never changed my opinion. She was always in touch and I knew exactly what was going on at all times.