Monday, July 11, 2011

Laundry Mission!

Today I'm on a laundry mission!! Anyone ever have those times where they realized they have fallen WAY behind on laundry? At 4am last night when I couldn't fall back to sleep, I realized this is completely me lol. When BF moved in a couple weeks ago we agreed to wash all cloths he brought over so they were clean and he can decide what he wanted to keep and what we could donate. Well that ment A LOT of laundry landed in my basement. I have slowly been picking away at it, and mixing in what else needed to be done regularly around the house at the same time. And now that the boys are here for the week we have extra laundry needing to be done. Especially since my youngest son likes to change at least his shirt (some times his whole outfit) minimum 3 times a day. So this morning I thought I should take advantage of them being in daycare and get an early start on laundry. Once I got down stairs I realized that there isn't as much left of BF's stuff as I thought. So my goal is to get as much laundry put through today (and yes that includes folding and putting away). I have pushed through two loads so far and am working on folding everything (plus the three loads that needed to be folded that were pushed through this weekend). I'm hoping I can be caught up on bf's laundry by tonight or tomorrow. And then I can catch up on the house hold stuff tomorrow (as we already have a half load of boys cloths ready to go through - which won't take long to go to a full load). Then maybe just maybe I can get all bedding done this week as well and be fully caught up by Friday!! If all this works then the fun stuff starts. I have a lot of cloth diaper stuff that needs to be stripped (second hand) or prepped (new) that I want to get working on this weekend. I have some cloth diaper stuff that is on route that I hope makes it here for the weekend. If not I'm sure I have enough here that I can start with what I have and do the rest when it arrives. 

What's your laundry routine?

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