Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sick Kitten :( ***Update

Please tell me someone has experience and wants to give me some tips? Just over 4 weeks ago - my little kitty had 6 kittens of her own. 48 hours later we lost one - bringing us to 5. We realized a little while ago now (probably about two weeks ago) that one of the kittens was a 'little kitty.' After talking to the vet we found out that she will probably be a teacup kitten. Sounds cute right - well honestly it is. But this cute little kitten is now sick :( Since yesterday she has been pretty lethargic. We got to the vet and got her Kitten milk replacer and we've been doing a lot of skin to skin contact to keep her warm. What else do we do? I treat her like I did my preemie's when they were little little - but it's got to be different for a kitten - isn't it?

UPDATE -- Little Tinker didn't make it. RIP June 11th, 2011. After a couple close calls where we thought we lost her and she'd pull back - she finally lost all strength and couldn't pull back. It's been a rough weekend - but at least she's not suffering anymore. 

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Lindsay said...

I really think that you did what you could for her. I really don't think that taking care of her would have been any different than taking care of a preemie. So sad that she is gone now but at least you were there for her when she needed you. Hope you are okay, losing animals is never easy.