Saturday, September 17, 2011

Do you cloth?

As a lot of my upcoming reviews involve the new (to me) world of cloth. I thought I'd write up a quick intro. Although Aaraiha is my 4th baby - she is the first one I've used cloth diapers with. 

With cloth diapers we also use cloth wipes and I've started with Mama Cloth (pads) and Mama Milk Cloth (nursing pads). Now that we've been doing it for 6 weeks, I honestly have no clue why I didn't start it back when I had twins. Ok I'll be honest, the whole idea of cloth then scared me. I mean you really have to wash that stuff? LOL And the pins - don't you end up stabbing yourself or the baby? That just sounds like so much work. Who needs MORE work when you have twins to worry about? 

Well after my boys were too old to consider cloth for (they were then potty trained lol) I started hearing more people talk about this wonderful world of cloth. Yep I'll admit I thought they were nuts. But then I started realizing it wasn't as scary as I thought. There were all these different styles of diapers (none of which included the scary pins!), and a lot of them were really cute! So that peaked my interest. The idea of washing them no longer bothered me. After dealing with blow outs from disposables and having a boy who was a puker as an infant. It doesn't seem to phase you anymore when you have to wash a dirty diaper lol. And honestly I don't mind doing laundry. If it would fold itself and put itself away I'd be doing really good. But the job of actually doing it isn't so bad. Where I am living now I do have my own washer and dryer so that's not an expense. And the bonus is that heat/water is included in my rent so I don't have to worry about that as an expense (unless we ever decide to move). When I considered the price of disposables in our small town or the fact of having to drive half an hour to get diapers at a reasonable price - it just seemed more budget friendly to purchase cloth. Then we started the journey of what 'style' do we want. When I was pregnant we thought for sure we wanted prefolds/covers with maybe a couple pockets. That has changed now that she's here. But it's been a fun experience along the way. 

With cloth diapers we brought in cloth wipes. To me it just made sense if I'm washing cloth diapers I might as well use cloth wipes and that way they can all go into the wet bag and through the wash cycle, instead of having to put the diaper in the wet bag and finding a garbage for disposable wipes. Plus again having to buy disposable wipes all the time seemed a hassle. I love the wipes! They not only get used as bum wipes but hand wipes and burp wipes and drool catchers lol.

Mama cloth and Mama Milk Cloth came after the diapers and wipes did. It just wasn't something I had thought about at first. Until towards the end of the pregnancy I was attempting to find nursing pads that were 100% latex free - guess what they don't exists. I managed to find one box in my entire pregnancy. So that brought in a need to go re-usable so that I could avoid the irritation of my latex allergy. That made me consider the idea of Mama cloth as I was sure the same issue would happen with finding latex free disposable pads. I bought a package of disposable pads to use post pardem that used to be latex free (from previous pregnancies) and thought I would slowly add to my mama cloth collection as needed. Well only a few days PP I realized that the pads I had were not latex free. Trust me that is not something you want to learn the hard way. That started my mama cloth collection. 

As my reviews go on I will continue to share my journey. Feel free to ask any questions as we go along.

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