Friday, August 19, 2011

Are you ever frazzled?

It may seem like a weird question to some - but there is a slight reasoning behind it to me. Today on Facebook I posted - "is getting back into the swing of things - it all starts with being frazzled by noon lol" and didn't think much of it. I just went a to read the comments a little while ago and noticed someone had thought this ment it was a bad day. I had never really looked at frazzled meaning a bad day - around here that is normal. 

So does it happen to you? Is it normal or is it not that frequent? Personally I look at it as I am a blended mom to seven. Four of which are currently four years old and younger (one only a newborn). I will be returning to work (on a casual basis) shortly and 99% of the time take on way to much - and enjoy the chaos. Frazzled is normal and welcome. The fact that I made it to noon before getting frazzled - yep it's a good day !! LOL. 

If the person who made this comment is currently reading - please do not think I was offended or anything along those lines. It really gave me a different perspective to look at my status. I like that. 

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